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Adult Skills Courses - new for 22!

New for 2022 are two weekends of adult skills courses, we have three courses running on each weekend to ensure a great atmosphere at the centre and a chance to make new friends as well as learn new skills. So, if you fancy learning something new, come and join us.

15th-17th of July

Nature Photography with Guy Badham or

Making it Wild with Netty Reddish or

Bumblebees for Beginners with Oliver Foulds

21st-23rd October

Nature Photography with Guy Badham or

Enamelling with Netty Reddish or

It’s a Fascinating Fungus World with Beverley Rhodes and Trevor Taylor

All meals are provided and accommodation is single occupancy. Each course is just £270 per person for the weekend, plus the bar will be open in the evening!

For full details, and to book, take a look at the Mount Cook website.

Nature Photography – with Guy Badham

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a nature photographer or feel that you’re just not getting the best out of your camera, then this might just be the experience for you! The idea of the training is to make you feel more confident when using your equipment in an outdoor situation, giving you tips and hints on how to improve your work and turning your ‘snaps’ into ‘art’.

Water vole, Guy Badham

The course will take you out and about at the dramatic Black Rocks, tranquil Cromford Canal and historic Middleton Top so make sure you’re feeling fit to carry all your kit. There is potential for a wide range of nature photography, from birds and animals, landscape and flowers, so plenty to suit all interests.

Making it Wild – with Netty Reddish

This workshop is suitable for those who are new to green woodworking and bush craft, but fancy getting in touch with their inner survivalist. You will go home with your newly whittled tent pegs, a wooden mallet, and new skills to try out on family and friends.

We will spend our time learning how to use a range of green woodworking tools to whittle very sturdy tent pegs and use the bow saw, bill hook and axe to create your own wooden mallet. We will then use your new makes and a tarp to create a range of shelters, brilliant for wild camping, or just making a den in the garden! Once we have our shelter, we will make a fire using natural tinder and a fire steel. Why not pop some popcorn over the fire, toast marshmallows or make s’mores! We will finish off the workshop learning how to use the Kelly Kettle and have a well-deserved brew!

You’ll be based at Mount Cook for the weekend and have the chance to get out and about on the site.

Bumblebee ID for beginners – everything you need to know to get started – with Oliver Foulds

Share Oliver's passion for bumblebees as he takes you through their fascinating life and diversity. Learn tips and tricks to tell them apart and spend time in the field finding each species so that you are confident to go on and identify them for yourself.

Fieldwork will be based around the Mount Cook site and Gang Mine Nature Reserve just across the road from the centre.

Bumblebee, John Portwood

Enamelling – with Netty Reddish

This workshop is suitable for beginners, and will help you become familiar with the tools, equipment, and techniques to set you off on your jewellery making journey. You will go home with test pieces, a pair of earrings and a necklace.

We will spend our time learning how to use a range of jewellery making tools to create your own beautiful creations. You will experiment on some test pieces before you move onto your main piece. This workshop will give you an opportunity to become more comfortable with copper enamelling.

Earrings, Netty Reddish

It’s a fascinating fungus world! – with Beverley Rhodes and Trevor Taylor

Join Bev and Trev for a weekend of fungi. Learn how to find, identify, understand and record fungi. We will walk at Black Rocks and Crich Chase SSSI, followed by microscopy, mycelium meditation and make a fungus feast. You’ll also find out about the myths and legends associated with fungi through the ages.

Fungi, John Portwood

A little bit about the trainers:

Guy Badham is a Derbyshire based nature photographer, a partner photographer for Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire and is used extensively by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. He’s passionate about wildlife and landscape and delighted to be sharing his knowledge.

Netty Reddish is a passionate and creative woodworker and jewellery designer, she’s been a qualified and practicing teacher since 1999 doing custom woodwork, jewellery making, design, engraving and green woodworking. Her enthusiasm and passion for woodwork, jewellery making and outdoor wild making are contagious.

Oliver Foulds developed an interest in bumblebees whilst working at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. He has now followed his passion for leatherworking and is based in a small workshop in Belper. Oliver has continued to nurture his love of bumblebees and excited to share this.

Beverley Rhodes and Trevor Taylor have both worked in the environmental sector for many years, they are hugely knowledgeable across a range of subjects. They have a love of animals and have goats and barn owls amongst their collection. Their knowledge of fungi is extraordinary and their courses are highly entertaining.

Want to know more about Mount Cook Adventure Centre, our work with schools and groups and our mission to provide access to the outdoors for all? Get in touch at or give us a call on 01629 823702.

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