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Find out more about how Mount Cook accommodates people with additional needs and disabilities here. If you have any other questions or requests please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.

General areas

Our centre has been designed to be as accessible as possible. We have the following accommodations:

  • Hearing loop

  • Deaf friendly fire alarms (strobe light)

  • Level access parking near the main entrance

  • Accessible toilet & wet room with mobility rails

  • High contrast markings on steps

  • Markings on full length windows and glass doors

  • Level access to dining area & all downstairs bedrooms

  • Non-allergic bedding

Dining hall

We currently do not have:

  • Adult or child changing table

  • Hoists

Download a full accessibility guide to the centre and surrounding grounds here.

Disabled Access Bedroom.jpg


Most of our bedrooms sleep 4 - 6 people each in bunkbeds.

Each bed has a bedside light.


We have 2 accessible bedrooms with double beds. Both have wet rooms a toilet, shower, and sink with rails and seating.

We have 8 rooms with level access on the ground floor. 

Activities for SEND participants

Our team is experienced and understanding when working with SEND participants. We collect medical and dietary information prior to arrival, and can advise on the activities that are best for the specific needs of your group.

We offer site visits for participants who may be experiencing anxiety or are nervous about the trip. They will be able to see the centre and where they will be staying, meet some of the team. Please get in touch with your trip coordinator to arrange this. This is available to parents, teachers, adult participants, and group leaders. 

If you are unable to make the trip, please view our virtual tour.

We offer three "breakout boxes" which contain items for participants who need some time away from activity sessions. One box contains sensory and tactile items, one contains high energy active games, and one contains games to focus attention.

Wheelchair 2.jpg

Off road wheelchair

We have a GM4X off-road wheelchair available for guests.

This is a two person chair - one person sits in the seat and steers, another person pushes and controls the breaks.

This chair can access our entire site and is size appropriate for both children and adults.

Got questions?

Every person with additional needs is unique, and there is often no "one size fits all" solution. If you are not sure whether our accommodation or activities are right for you or your group, please contact us via phone or email to discuss adaptions we can make for the best possible outdoor experience.

Much more general information can be found on our FAQs page, and our commitment to quality can be found on our About Mount Cook page.

Dietary restrictions 

If an attendee has dietary restrictions due to on ongoing medical condition that requires a specific menu (including but not limited to: coeliac disease, renal disease, diabetes and ARFID) please inform your trip coordinator and we will work with you to create suitable meals.

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