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5 Outdoorsy New Year's Resolutions For 2019

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

By Toria Cox

Here’s to a year full of outdoor adventures!

Happy New Year everyone! Now we have entered 2019, it’s time to contemplate making some New Year’s Resolutions. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 5 fun outdoor goals which you could take on this year:

Plan a long distance walk

This doesn’t mean you need to take 6 months off work and jet-set to the other side of the world! There are a range of fantastic long-distance walks available, here in the UK.

One of Britain’s most famous rambling adventures is the coast-to-coast, in Northern England. This 192 mile walking route starts from St Bees on the coast of the Irish Sea, through the rolling hills of the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and North Yorkshire Moors to Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Sea coast.

For a slightly more challenging route, why not tackle some or all of the Pennine Way? This 268 mile National Trail is steeped in history, whilst offering an amazing variety of scenery and terrain. Starting in the Peak District village of Edale, the trail passes through the Yorkshire Dales, and finishes at Kirk Yetholm in the Scottish Borders.

Try a new outdoor pursuit

Stand-Up-Paddleboarding (SUP) at Carsington Reservoir

Commit yourself to trying out a new outdoor pursuit for 2019!

Bouldering is a physically challenging yet exciting adventurous activity, which is perfect during colder months. If you’re new to climbing, then don’t worry! The only equipment you need is a pair of climbing shoes and a chalk bag, which are usually available to rent from most indoor bouldering centres.

Stand Up Paddleboarding or SUP can be traced back to the 1930s, but has only recently become a popular outdoor pursuit activity. Usually done on flat water, SUP involves standing on a surf-style board and using a long paddle. The boards are surprisingly stable and it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it! SUP is also fantastic for your core strength and upper-arm muscles.

Go on a camping trip

January is the perfect time to pick up a bargain on tents and camping equipment, so you don’t have to break the bank getting your outdoor gear!

Camping is a fantastic way to reconnect with nature and explore new locations - plus, it’s much more affordable than your average city-break. There’s nothing better than pitching up a tent, sitting around a campfire under a clear night sky, and cooking your food on open flames.

As always, remember to leave no trace when camping in the great outdoors.

Practice your outdoor photography

Nowadays, you don’t need to invest in a posh camera to practice your nature photography. All you need is a smart phone with a half-decent camera and the great outdoors!

The Peak District offers some stunning landscapes which are crying out to be photographed. The views from the top of Thorpe Cloud, situated between Thorpe and Ilam village, are absolutely breath-taking. On a clear day, it feels like you can see for miles, giving you ample photography opportunities! Other picture-perfect landscapes in the Peak District include: Chrome Hill near Buxton, Winnats Pass in Hope Valley, The Great Ridge of Mam Tor and Ladybower Reservoir in Bamford.

Get into shape

The gym is always packed in January, as everyone desperately tries to burn off the Christmas dinner, chocolate and other naughty treats we’ve all indulged in over the festive period. But did you know that running outside is much better for you than hitting the treadmill?

Thanks to variances in terrain when running outside, you activate more muscles than you would when running in a linear path on a treadmill. Spending time outdoors is also better for your mental well-being and much more engaging for the senses. However, the biggest plus to running outdoors has to be that it’s completely free! All you need is a pair of trainers and an enjoyable route.

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