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Mount Cook sponsors Derby's Hairy Helmet Fun Run

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

By Toria Cox

Since its creation in 2011, the Hairy Helmet Relay Race has become a highly popular celebration of sporting achievement, local produce and live music for hundreds of people from all over the country. The event takes place in Derby’s Darley Park and consists of a mile Fun Run, which is aimed towards young children but is open to everyone, and an 8 mile 4-stage team relay race which is suitable for adults and children aged 13+.

Sponsoring the Fun Run race for 2019 is the new not-for-profit organisation Mount Cook Adventure Centre, based in Derbyshire, who are dedicated to providing adventurous activities and outdoor learning experiences for all. The Mount Cook team are attending the Hairy Helmet event on Friday 14th June and will be taking part in the main relay race dressed as their favourite countryside animals!

Mount Cook’s CEO, Steve Turner, said: “We are delighted to sponsor the Hairy Helmet Fun Run this summer. I think it’s really important that we continue to encourage children and young people to lead active and healthy lifestyles through outdoor activities and sport. As an Adventure Centre, we believe that pioneering beyond our personal boundaries and comfort zones is essential to developing a range of skills, such as self-confidence and resilience. The Mount Cook team are so excited to be involved in this community event. Please come and find us on the day!”

After completion of the races, all runners of a suitable age are rewarded with a local Derbyshire beer, cider or gin whilst they cheer on their friends, enjoy some live music and tuck into the wide variety of grub available from the local street food vendors. The children who have completed the Fun Run will also receive a Mount Cook draw-string bag filled with prizes.

All profits from the Hairy Helmet Relay are donated to Rainbows Hospice for children and young adults, plus a charity local to Darley Dale.

Founder of Hairy Helmet events, Caine Scott-Mullen, explains: “The Helmet has gone from strength to strength in recent years in no small part due to the energy of its participants and sponsors. I’m delighted to have Mount Cook as a partner of the event for the first time as we both share a love of the outdoors and a great community event.

Entries for the Hairy Helmet Fun Run, sponsored by Mount Cook, are open and cost just £5 per person. The race starts at 6pm on Friday 14th June and includes 2 laps around the meadow which is about 1 mile in total. The start and finish location for the event is Darley Abbey Cricket Club. For more information, please visit:


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