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Diary of a School Trip

Mount Cook is very nearly back in full swing with school trips, with our busiest March ever! We’re expecting over 2000 children from primary and secondary schools all over the country to visit us for an amazing outdoor experience. There will be memories made, sleepovers, and exciting activities for everyone. For lots of our visitors, it could be their first night staying away from home. We’ve put together a diary to give you an idea what your school trip could look like!

Day 1 - The adventure begins!

Thank you letters

13:00: The coach drops you off in the Mount Cook car park, just across from the main entrance. It’s a one-minute walk with your bags up our drive – keep your eyes peeled for our new Low Ropes course and the willow arch!

You’ll have time to drop your bags off and eat your packed lunch from home, before a quick welcome talk from one of our friendly Front of House staff to learn about keeping rooms tidy, some safety points and mealtimes.

13:45: It’s time for some fun! This trip kicks off with a 3hr15 hour bushcraft session, where you will learn about shelter building and cordage. Create an A frame shelter that can stand the elements, and make a bracelet to take home with you!

17:00: When activities are over you can settle into your accommodation, either our quirky Glamping Pods or en-suite inside bedrooms. Bagsie the top bunk!

17:30: We hope you’ve worked up an appetite because it’s time for dinner. Tonight, it’s tasty chicken tikka masala or jacket potatoes with a salad bar. Don’t forget the apple crumble for pudding!

19:00: Once you’ve had your fill, you get back outside for evening activities. Tonight, it’s Campfire and bushcraft. Use your fire lighting skills to the test and keep warm around a fire in the del.

20:30: Now you’re really tired, you head to your room and settle down for the night. Don’t forget to shower and brush your teeth in your en-suite bathroom! There are spare pillows in your room to make sure you’ll have a comfy sleep.

Day 2 - Into the thick of it!

07:45: Wakey-wakey! Are you ready for breakfast? We’ve got sausages, scramble eggs and toast, or cereal, yogurts and croissants if you’d prefer something cold.

12:15: You’ll have time for lunch and a break now to get your energy back up. Today it’s sandwiches. You can choose your own fillings, like cheese, ham, tuna, or hummus and salad, so there’s something for everyone. There’ll be a yummy sweet-treat like flapjack or rice crispy cake too, as well as healthy fruit.

13:45: Landkarts and Onsite Orienteering this afternoon! Build your wooden kart as a team and zoom around the centre, before learning some map and compass skills and exploring the site.

17:30: Dinner time again, and it’s Cumberland sausages and mash tonight, served with healthy vegetables and lashing of gravy. Delicious!

19:00: Tonight the evening activity is rocket building. Get creative and make a bottle rocket in your teams then see how far you can launch it! Can you shoot it further than all the other teams?

20:30: Back to bed for your final nights sleep. Don’t stay up too late chatting with your roommates about the exciting activities you’ve been doing all day!

A child laughing at the table

Day 3 - A final hurrah!

07:45: Good morning! It’s the last morning, so don’t forget to strip your bed and leave your linen in the corner for our housekeepers to collect. Make sure you pack all your clothes and leave your suitcase in your bag-drop area before heading to breakfast.

09:00: Are you ready for your final activities? You start of with some Team Challenges to get your brains working together and outside the box. Solve the bamboo puzzles and take on the minefield.

Next, get ready to zoom down our Zip Wire 40 metres above the quarry! You’ll have 2 – 3 goes on this adrenaline rush, so you’ll have plenty of time to take in the views.

12:15: All good things must come to an end. Collect your bags and packed lunch and head to the car park where your coach will be waiting to take you home. Goodbye, farewell, and we’ll see you again next year!

*Please note all timings included in this diary are approximate.

If you would like to book a school trip at Mount Cook Adventure Centre, please email or call

01629 823 702.

If your child is nervous about their upcoming trip, please get in touch.


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