Team Challenges

The ability to work successfully within a team is an important skill in the classroom, workplace and in life! These small challenges are an ideal way to bring a group of people together with each activity requiring leadership, planning, coordination and communication. After the successful completion of each Team Challenge, our instructors will facilitate a short debrief and an opportunity for self-reflection. 

Archery Tag

Archery Tag is an exciting combat game which combines elements of dodge-ball with the timeless skill of archery. Two teams must dive and dodge behind inflatable defences to avoid being hit by flying foam-tipped arrows. If you’re hit, then you’re out!

Land Karts

Groups use a selection of resources, which include: wooden planks, polythene barrels and rope, to design and create their own Land Kart. Once complete, the Kart must successfully transport a member of the team around a set course.

Raft Building

Raft-building is a superb team building activity! Groups are required to work as a team to input design ideas, form a plan and create a buoyant raft using a selection of materials which include: rope, wooden planks and polythene barrels. 

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