Team Challenges

The ability to work successfully within a team is an important skill in the classroom, workplace and in life! These small challenges are an ideal way to bring a group of people together with each activity requiring leadership, planning, coordination and communication. After the successful completion of each Team Challenge, our instructors will facilitate a short debrief and an opportunity for self-reflection. 

Recommended age: 6+

Archery & Archery Tag

Archery Tag is an exciting combat game which combines elements of dodge-ball with the timeless skill of archery. Two teams must dive and dodge behind inflatable defences to avoid being hit by flying foam-tipped arrows. If you’re hit, then you’re out!

Recommended age: 10+

Land Karts & Onsite Orienteering

Groups use a selection of resources, which include: wooden planks, polythene barrels and rope, to design and create their own Land Kart. Once complete, the Kart must successfully transport a member of the team around a set course.

Recommended age: 6+

Game of Tribes

A map based challenge where teams will have to navigate to points (where they will complete tasks) in order to complete the overall challenge. 

It may sound simple but don't be fooled, there are hidden levels to this challenge!

Recommended age: 6+

Raft Building

Raft-building is a superb team building activity! Groups are required to work as a team to input design ideas, form a plan and create a buoyant raft using a selection of materials which include: rope, wooden planks and polythene barrels. 

Raft Building is an offsite activity and will incur a supplementary cost.

Our offsite activities are delivered by our AALA Licensed Partner Company: Acclimbatize. Reference number: L16313

The Adventures Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) is the national inspector of outdoor centres and providers.