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Learning Outside the Classroom
We know that learning can successfully extend beyond the classroom walls and into the great outdoors! When done effectively, learning outside the classroom transfers into a wealth of life skills and changes in attitudes and behaviours. 
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Our Centre provides a safe, friendly environment where children have the opportunity to develop their self-confidence away from home, try new activities and enjoy the great outdoors!


We are dedicated to providing unique and challenging experiences which will broaden the horizons of your pupils. Our activities help young people to develop key skills and increase attainment.


Our inspiring outdoor learning experiences will motivate and enthuse your under or post-graduate students to work collaboratively, form lasting friendships and develop essential skills.

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School trips with an overnight stay can provide life changing experiences for young people. We are campaigning for Brilliant Residentials to enable young people to experience more high-quality residentials, which can lead to improved resilience, relationships, achievement and brighter, brilliant futures for young people. Visit Learning Away to join the campaign. 

Learning Away was founded and initially developed by Paul Hamlyn Foundation: phf.org.uk