High Ropes

Mount Cook provides an impressive 12 metre tall High Ropes course which includes 5 different elements: The Leap of Faith, Crate Stack, High All Abroad, Jacob's Ladder and Gladiator Challenge. The High Ropes is one of our most popular onsite activities as it provides a fun, unique experience for individuals of all ages! 

Zip Wire

The first of it's kind in Derbyshire, our Rooftop Rider Zip Wire starts 15 metres off the ground on the Centre's roof and finishes on the far side of Steeplehouse Quarry! The Rooftop Rider is 108 metres in length and guests can expect to reach speeds of up to 40 mph. 


Derbyshire and the Peak District offers a wide range of caving opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. Delivered by our experienced AALA licensed partner company, Acclimbatize, your group will be taken on an underground experience rarely replicated anywhere else. The highly trained instructors will provide you with in-depth geological, historical and environmental information about the caves, helping to bring these fascinating caving systems to life. 

Rock Climbing

We are fortunate, here at Mount Cook, to have some of the Peak District's best outdoor climbing spots right on our doorstep. You will be taught by our highly-trained instructors how to put on a harness, tie climbing knots and how to abseil down a rock face safely. Black Rocks climbing area is a playground for lovers of rock-climbing and bouldering! You can walk to Black Rocks in less than 10 minutes from our Centre, without crossing a single road. For more challenging climbing sessions, we take experienced climbers to Harborough Rocks which can be accessed by foot or by bus. 

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