We believe it is important to reduce our carbon footprint and do our bit to help the environment. We hope that our eco-friendly ethos will encourage guests who visit Derbyshire to develop a sense of respect and empathy for the natural environment. 

We are proud to create our own:
Warm Water

Our thermal solar panels create 12,195 kwhrs of thermal solar energy annually, enough to heat 500 showers. 


Our photovoltaic solar panels create 20,000 kwhrs of solar energy annually, enough to power one light in every bedroom for the whole year. 


We use heat from the air source heat pumps to warm up the water in our underfloor heating. 

Other things we do...
Electric car charging

Our photovoltaic solar panels create energy to fuel our electric minibus. Two electric car charging points are available on our site.

Hydration Station

We encourage all guests to bring a refillable water bottle to our centre, helping to reduce plastic waste. The Hydration Station in our main dining hall provides 2 water taps which is available for all guests.


We recycle wherever possible! Recycling bins for plastic, paper and tins are available for all guests in our main dining hall.