apprentice programme

Outdoor based learning & development programme:

Our Apprentice Programmes deliver a mix of new experiences and adventurous activities which develop the personal skills required for effective employees. We believe that by developing the capability of the individual against your organisational Skills, Knowledge and Behaviour criteria, that we can help make them more effective employees for the future. 

Key benefits:

The key benefits from an outdoor based learning & development programme include:

  • Shared memorable experiences

  • Positive behaviours, skills and knowledge

  • Increased aspirations and employability

  • Increased empathy with colleagues and peers

  • Increased openness to change

  • Increased resilience in the face of adversity. 


From short term benefits such as increased motivation, to encouraging employees to develop the lasting "can-do" attitude that they need in order to achieve their goals. There are plenty of positive outcomes that can result from a Mount Cook Apprentice Programme.

Sample Itinerary:

This is an example Apprentice Programme. The activities included may be subject to change and are dependent on availability and the outcomes that are important to your organisation. All programmes are created bespoke, so please get in touch.

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