Learning a

new skill


Our highly trained instructors will teach your group how to successfully shoot a modern recurve bow from up to 10 metres away. Mount Cook offers two outdoor archery ranges, plus a variety of different sized bows to match individual strength, height and age. This activity is a fantastic opportunity for each person to develop their dexterity, precision and control.

Bush Craft

Our knowledgeable instructors will teach your group the essential skills to survive in the wilderness, whilst keeping the protection of the environment in mind. Groups will experience and develop skills such as fire-lighting, campfire gadgetry, plant identification, natural cordage and how to build a shelter. 


Canoeing is a perfect way to enhance a group's confidence on the water in a safe and controlled environment. Each canoe can hold up to 4 people and presents minimal risk of capsizing. These sessions are delivered by our AALA licensed activity partner, Acclimbatize, at Carsington Water or on the historic Cromford Canal. Along the way, your group will discover an abundance of wildlife and features of historic importance.


Mount Cook provides two orienteering courses of varying difficulties: onsite and at Black Rock. Our orienteering sessions are a brilliant introduction to practical map reading and compass skills. For school groups, these sessions are an opportunity for children to experience the freedom of exploration out of sight of leaders in a controlled environment.

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