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We make history fun, engaging and informative with our new educational History Packages. Using interactive and hands-on activities, costumes, reconstructed artifacts and local historic features, we provide a unique educational experience which will inspire both pupils and teachers! Step back in time and discover more about Prehistoric Britain, The Romans and The Vikings.
The following packages are available during the Autumn, Winter and Spring Terms.
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Prehistoric Britian

The story of Prehistoric Britain began when the first humans settled in Britain and ended when the Romans conquered the ancient Britons in 43 AD. We provide your pupils with an immersive experience as a Prehistoric tribesman by learning how to make fire using traditional methods, shelter construction, cave painting, archery and bush craft. 

The Romans

The story of Roman Britain started in 43 AD when the Roman army landed on the beaches of Kent. The Roman Empire ruled Britain until 410 AD! Immerse yourself in this fascinating time period by meeting a Roman solider and trying on his armour. Other activities include a roman military drill, archery, land kart building and an archaeological dig. 

The Vikings

The Viking age in European history was between 700 - 1100 AD. During this period, many Vikings left their homelands in Scandinavia and travelled by longboat to other countries such as Britain and Ireland. Some came to fight, others came peacefully. Activities include longboat building, craft/manufacturing, shelter construction and saga story telling. 

"The [Roman] Invaders trip to Mount Cook was marvellous. The activities were perfect for bringing the Roman history curriculum to life. Each activity had Roman context and back story and the leaders all had pertinent facts to add detail and knowledge to the children's experiences. The children came away buzzing about Romans and Roman life - an experience they will long remember."

- Alison Dugdale, Headteacher at Middleton Community Primary School 

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