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Key info:
Derbyshire and the Peak District offers a wide range of caving opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. Delivered by our experienced AALA licensed partner company, Acclimbatize, your group will be take on an underground experience rarely replicated anywhere else. The highly trained instructors will provide you with in-depth geological, historical and environmental information about the caves, helping to bring these fascinating caving systems to life.
Learning Outcomes:
Problem solving

Individuals will implement team decisions in response to changing circumstances.

Support & cohesion

Participants learn to work cooperatively in an environment which can be physically and emotionally demanding.


Genuine opportunities for individuals to take on leadership roles and achieve personal success.

This activity is delivered by our AALA Licensed Partner Company: Acclimbatize.

Reference number: R1224

The Adventures Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) is the national inspector of outdoor centres and providers.